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With the passage of time came an advance in the dating process in America.

According to Whyte, in little more than a generation, dating replaced calling as the dominant custom (73).

In his article entitled Choosing Mates-The American Way, Martin King Whyte provided a thorough exploration of the evolution of dating within the American culture.

The question remains, what caused the shift from calling to dating in the American culture? First, he believed that prolonged school attendance, including public, co-educational high schools, and colleges (74) was one explanation for the change in dating patterns.

Men and women were exposed to each other informally over a longer period of time, thus transforming their type of social and interpersonal interaction.

The second idea Whyte proposed was what he called growing affluence in America (74).

The aforementioned reasons are why I decided to focus my thesis work on the topic of change in interpersonal relationships, and the specific role of communication within that process.

In addition to the substantial amount of research that has been conducted on this topic, I decided to conduct some personal research.

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